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ADeLight, we offer a wide variety of corporate and event lighting to create the effect and ambience perfect for any event. With our diverse range of decorative lighting, from pinspots to accentuate decor on table centres to metal halides for a metallic finish on buildings to underwater lights for pools, ponds and water features, you can create any atmosphere possible. See below for the full range of lighting:

  • Big Lights – (Fresnals, Profiles, Pebbles, Parcans, Spots etc) For focal items, bars, buffets, roofs, MC, dance floors, outdoors etc.
  • Floodlights & Outdoors Spotlights – On buildings, gardens, large spaces, focal objects etc. (in white or colour)
  • Metal Halides – Metallic light effect on buildings, in halls, on focal objects and outdoors (in white or colour)
  • Fairy Curtains (2 x 3 m) – Curtains on draping, in halls, in gardens etc. Also available for patio umbrellas
  • Fairy Lights (13 m) – Stringed on tables, roofs, in trees, in halls etc. (LED and warm white)
  • Pinspots – Highlights table centres, floral arrangements, statues and various focal points
  • Fire – Olympic Flames or KonkasOutdoor focal items of features in gardens
  • Uplights – On walls, draping, pillars, pedestals, trees etc. (in white or colour)
  • Table Lighting – Lighting on or under tables, pedestals (in white or colour)
  • Festoon LightsWhite or coloured strings across roofs, trees etc
  • Flares – Bamboo – Paraffin flares for gardens and outdoors
  • Underwater Lights – For pools, ponds and water features
  • Gobos – Patterns, logos, names etc  (static or moving)
  • Rope Lights (20 m) – Indoors and outdoors

When hiring out any of the products on offer, please note that DeLight offer additional services including transport of lighting, cables and much more. See below:

  • Labour – Standard charge for setup and clearance and cabling and consumables for all jobs.
  • Transport – Standard charge for venues within 50 km of JHB (AA rates apply for distant venues).
  • Late Night Clearance – For jobs when late night or special clearance is required.